Biofiber: Hair Replacement Has Never Been Easier!


Dermapro brings you the latest breakthrough in hair replacement procedures: The Biofiber Hair Implant. It is a light aesthetic procedure, safe and effective, that makes possible to obtain a high, completely natural hair thickening with an immediate aesthetic result for men and women. Biofibre hair is aesthetically identical to the natural hair. It comes in different shapes and colors and can be washed and dried like natural hair. It is not harmful for human body and meets all the biocompatibility and safety requirements established by international standards (FDA and CE approved for medical use)


The procedure should be carried out exclusively by an expert qualified doctor. The Biofiber hairs are inserted, one by one, under the scalp without pain or discomfort, until the desired hair density is obtained. After the treatment, you can directly resume your social life with no downtime.


Men and women can benefit from this procedure, at any age and any stage of hair loss, whenever it is necessary to obtain natural and immediate hair thickening.

Dermapro is committed to bringing you the best hair loss solutions. For more information please contact us and discuss your hair restoration needs with our expert doctors.


Disclaimer: the content posted on this page alone does not substitute medical diagnosis, advice or treatment. Seek an expert’s advice to determine if this treatment is safe, appropriate or effective for you.

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