Eneomey Hyaluronic Masque

Hyaluronic Masque

When subjected to various aggressions, the skin becomes tight and uncomfortable.
The ENEOMEY Laboratory has developed Hyaluronic Masque to regenerate, protect, moisturize and nourish devitalized skin. Made of very thin, natural biocellulose, this mask is already used by a number of doctors for post-procedure care. It is lightweight, thin, transparent, soft and is able to absorb a large quantity of water, giving it outstanding hydrating properties. The active ingredients penetrate right into the heart of the epidermis: in just 15 minutes, the skin feels more comfortable, hydrated, soothed and plumped.
What is more, the Hyaluronic Masque’s texture immediately refreshes and relaxes the face. 


– Moisturises the superficial layers of epidermis.
– Regenerates the skin layers
– Soothes and improves the comfort of the skin

Proven Results

100% regenerate and comfortable skin
100% less sensibility
100% moisturising, soothing and refreshing effect

*Self-assessment – 21 women after 1 use – Clinical study under dermatological control.


Today, women are proud of their age and want to feel beautiful and at ease with their looks. They are looking for care products specially designed to maintain their beauty, the quality of their skin and offer comfort and sensoriality.
Always attentive to women’s expectations and beauty, for 30 years ENEOMEY has developed complete care programs thanks to the expertise of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and doctors.
Eneomey’s cosmetology is unique. It stimulates the skin’s cellular activity and enhances texture and radiance with proven anti-aging results.
Each day, ENEOMEY treatment products revitalise the skin, removing dead cells and boosting collagen and elastin production.
Your skin looks visibly younger: it is more radiant, smoother and the complexion more even. 

Eneomey Hyaluronic Masque
Eneomey Hyaluronic Masque

Eneomey Hyaluronic Masque