Have You Checked Your Genes Yet?


The below tests and many more are now available at Dermapro, in all its branches:


Why? The Well-being profile covers detoxification capacities, cardiovascular diseases, skin and dental health, weight management, bone health, physical and mental fitness. The provided results offer personalized and detailed recommendations on nutrition, diet, micronutrition and lifestyle. Who? Everyone!


Why? Test the detoxification capacities of your body. Who? People suffering from lack of energy, fatigue, allergies, prolonged exposure to toxic substances


Why? Detect and prevent Alzheimer Disease Who? Family history of Alzheimer diseases


Why? Detect and prevent cardiovascular diseases Who? In case of: family history of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol and triglycerides levels


Why? Prevent sporadic breast cancer Who? In case of family history of breast cancer and before taking hormonal replacement therapy


Why? Prevent diabetes and associated diseases Who? In case of family history of Diabetes (Type II), overweight or during pregnancy.


Curious to know more? Contact us today and get to know more about all the advanced screenings we offer.


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