mesoestetic bodyscock reduce & go

mesoestetic bodyscock reduce & go

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Shake, apply & go.

Spray for localized cellulite treatment. Helps to reduce waist, abdominal, thigh and hip measurements.


- Helps to reduce waist, abdominal, thigh and hip measurements
- Reducing and lipolytic action to help reduce localized fat
- Reactivates cutaneous micro-circulation and drains fluids
- Promotes the use of fatty acids for energy
- Innovative, non-greasy and quickly absorbed formula

Once a day
Apply after showering. Ideal after exercise because it encourages fat burning.

Active ingredients

- L-carnitine: Transports fatty acids (lipids) to the mitochondria – cells’ power plant where energy is produced .Fats are then released and burned in the mitochondria. Prevents the accumulation of fats.

- Caffeine: Accelerated metabolism and the fat burning process.

- Niacinamide (Vit B3): Increases energy consumption, improves the cellular metabolic function and helps to retain the skin's elasticity. In this case, niacinamide also helps to maintain muscle tone.

- Stem Svelt®: Slimming and anti-cellulite concentrate rich in silybin:  a polyphenol derived from the milk thistle plant (silybum marianum). Limits the creating of new adipocytes. Reduces fat storage