mesoestetic stem cell nanofiller lip contour

mesoestetic stem cell nanofiller lip contour

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Lip contour product with a filler effect based on stem cells and hyaluronic acid. Visibly corrects the deepest wrinkles and strengthens the skin’s supporting structure.



Lip contour dual effect

- Regenerating: Plant stem cell extract stimulates collagen and elastin production, prolonging cell life.

- Filler: hyaluronic acid fills in the thinnest zones, providing support for the newly created cells.



Morning and night

Apply morning and night to the lip contour using gentle tapping motions with the fingertips until completely absorbed.


Active ingredients:

- Plant stem cell extract: Rich in phytonutrients and proteins. It has regenerating and repairing properties and helps to combat deep wrinkles. Improves skin quality and texture.

- Hyaluronic acid: Natural polysaccharide that plays a role in supporting collagen and elastin fibers. Capable of retaining thousands of times its weight in water.