mesoestetic ultimate W+ whitening foam

mesoestetic ultimate W+ whitening foam

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Foam with cleansing and purifying action that effectively removes traces of makeup, eliminating dead cells and impurities. Produces a slight keratolytic effect, renewing and sebum-regulating effect.



- Cleanses and purifies the skin

- Leaves the skin moisturized, fresh and luminous



Morning and night

Apply morning and night. Deposit a small quantity on the palm of the hand and form an emulsion with water to create a nice lather. Massage gently on the face using circular movements and rinse with abundant water.


Active ingredients

- Aloe Vera: Powerful hydrating, soothing and whitening action. Helps to eliminate small blemishes.

- Glycolic and lactic acid: Alpha hydroxyacids with keratolytic action. Promote cell renewal and strength the natural barrier capacity of the skin.