mesoestetic imperfection control
mesoestetic imperfection control

mesoestetic imperfection control

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Cream for local use indicated for specific treatment of early or stubborn acne outbreaks. The innovative pigments included in its formulation provides a modulated and progressive camouflage effect, according to the type of movement used during application, which enables adjustment to different skin tones. Also, the active ingredients contained in the m.acne complex™ enables it to quickly and effectively reverse the process of flushing and swelling of the acne outbreaks.


 - Specific treatment for acne outbreaks


Morning and night

Apply a small amount of imperfection control locally on cleansed, dry skin using a gentle circular motion to increase the intensity of the color until the affected area is evenly covered.


Active ingredients

- Bexaretinyl complex: Exfoliating retinoid which boosts cell renewal of the pilosebaceous unit while simultaneously possessing depigmenting properties that mitigate post-acne hyperpigmentation.

- Enoxolone: Acts to reduce redness and epidermal swelling